In the previous years, we have already established our chemical pesticides & micronutrients in Bangladesh market. Now, we all know that environmental preservation is of highest concern around the whole world. That’s why an effective alternative to the chemical use is of maximum priority now-a-days. Since Bangladesh is one of the third world countries suffering from global worming hence we are working for our peoples’ safety & food security keeping the environment preserved. We have approached for research & development of bio fertilizers & bio pesticides as a sustainable alternate of chemical agro inputs. We are currently marketing two bio pesticides named Border Plus (Abamectin) &Kosar (Spinosad) in Bangladesh. We have a network of 1 million model farmers throughout the country. Since our farmers are not educated hence they are motivated for the conventional method of agriculture using chemical pesticides & fertilizer. However, small & medium farmers in our country usually follow the model farmers; that’s why we are doing field demonstrations of our bio products in the fields of our model farmers. We are giving trainings to enrich them with the knowledge & merits of bio pesticides. Though our resources are limited, we are trying to adopt our farmers with bio fertilizers & bio pesticides. With some patronization & proper support we have the ability to commercialize bio pesticides rapidly in Bangladesh.Also we have the opportunity of having the first mover advantage in commercialization ofnew bio products. We have our R & D center for pesticide research named Mita Limited. Currently we are doing research on preparation & formulation of some broad spectrum bio products. Specially we are working with neem extract, azadirachtin, abamectin, garlic plant extract, Bacillus thuringiensis, Pseudomonas fluorescence, Trichodermaviride, Beauveriabassania, mycorrhiza, vermin-compost, bio char, see weed extract etc. Hope we will be able to bring a breakthrough in the nearest future to provide some advanced bio products suitable for Bangladesh which will be cost effective, easy to use, more deadly for pests & will have broad spectrum pest control & yield increasing ability. Also these products will be 100% environment & human health friendly. Also we are preparing training materials for our framers to disseminate these new bio products for their better adoption. Thus we hope to contribute in the new era of chemical free crop production where everything we eat will be organic.