Dreamer’s perception

  • Farmers are feeding the whole nation, to serve & support them is a real opportunity.
  • More than 80% of our population is involved in agriculture, either directly or indirectly. To be a part of something bigger, this is the best track to ride along.
  • Unemployment problem is an ever growing concern of our country, to mitigate that entrepreneurs in this sector have the ultimate opportunity.
  • Population & pest is ever growing drawbacks for crop production, to overcome that pesticide business is essential.


In the year of 2008, Kohinoor Agro Chemicals started its journey through marketing of a single product named Autoben 5 SG. From 2011, Kohinoor Agro Chemicals started marketing of Kohinoor 40 EC & X-ben 55 WG. Then to keep pace with the growing demands of our farmers, Kohinoor Agro Chemicals widened its product portfolio subsequently. Along with generic pesticides Kohinoor Agro Chemicals included some exceptional, effective & exclusive products in the portfolio. Currently, Kohinoor Agro Chemicals is providing 24 products for the complete pest solution for our farmers. Also some more pesticides are in our pipeline to be added in our product portfolio to give better services to our farmers.

Business Divisions/Sister Concerns

  • Kohinoor Agro Chemicals
  • Tasin Agro Care
  • Mita Limited (R & D Centre)
  • Tasin Seed
  • Yasin Sprayer

Our Vision

To shine bright in the Agrochemical sector of Bangladesh as a solution giver & by supporting our farmers through innovative, cost effective, responsible & sustainable application of agriculture technologies.